The answer to “why” is the foundation for everything. It explains the reason that things exist and, ultimately, what our purpose is in life. If someone asked you what your “why” is, would you know how to answer?

Understanding the power of your why can open your mind to a whole world of possibilities. It’s the meaning behind everything that what we do. If you’re unsure of why you’re doing something, perhaps you’re doing the wrong thing!

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

If you know the “why” behind your passion, goals, healthy habits, and ultimately, your day to day activities and hobbies, then you can find great strength. If instead, you ask yourself why and aren’t sure how to answer, perhaps it’s time for you to realign. There is power in knowing your why, so let’s dig a little deeper into this principle.

What & Why

The first step in knowing your why is to define your “what”. What do you want to achieve by creating a healthy lifestyle? Write out all of the reasons why you want to deepen your relationship with your body and live an active life.

Now, why is it important that you achieve these goals? Take some time to reflect on your desires, determination, and dedication to these goals. Write these in your Journal. As you move through this your life’s journey, there are going to be times when things get tough and you’ll need to revisit these reasons. Defining your why will help you stay focused!

The three D’s

When considering your why, it’s important to remember the three D’s: desire, determination, and dedication. Desire is that burning feeling inside of you to want to change and it’s what will motivate you to achieve your goals. Determination comes after you embrace your desire, and it carries you towards your goals, giving you the energy day after day. FInally, dedication is your commitment to your goals and it allows you to pay the cost of hard work to get there.

All of these together will supercharge your why and allow you to reach your goals in a powerful way.

Finding motivation

You’re going to have times where you don’t feel like exercising or mediating – and that’s okay! When you realize that this is happening, look both internally and externally to understand the source of your motivation. Intrinsic motivation comes from inside of you: it’s what you feel when you reflect on how good you feel after you meditate, or think back to your reasons for wanting to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Extrinsic motivation relies on external factors, such as putting on great music, reading a motivational blog, or treating yourself to something you enjoy once you reach a goal.

Motivation, combined with knowing your why, is a proven way to move towards your goals, despite any challenges or roadblocks.