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Join Linda Thompson, Host of The Authors Show  and Susan Sommers in this inspiring, engaging podcast interview. Susan shares her passion for walking, her walking journey, her walk races (including two 7 ½ hour Marathons), and the inspiration for her new book and audiobook, The Magic of Walking: Your Guide to a Balanced, Purposeful Life.


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This website represents an exciting chapter in my life, as I celebrate the launch of my third book
on health fitness, and spirituality for women: “The Magic of Walking: Your Guide to a Balanced, Purposeful Life.”

“I am committed to empowering women and girls through my website, books, speeches, courses and blog.
I invite you to join me on my journey so you, too, can create a healthier, more powerful and active life!” – Susan Sommers

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CHCH-TV Morning Show with Annette Hamm, Hamilton, June 30, 2021, The Magic of Walking. Watch it here.

IMPACT with Cynthia O

“Very personable. Great at making everyone feel included and heard. Using her own life experiences to explain each part of the session.”

Kerry Bell