signingPUBLISHED: September, 2016

PUBLISHER: Balboa Press, a division of Hay House Publishing

ISBN 978-1-5043-5372-4

172 pages.

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icon3This website marks the launch of my new book, Love Your Body…Embrace Your Life! (Balboa Press, Hay House Publishing, July, 2016), co-authored with Theresa Dugwell. Based on the success of our first collaboration, Power Source for Women: Proven Fitness Strategies, Tools, and Success Stories for Women 45+ (BPS Books, 2010), we expanded the scope of our new book to include women’s health and well-being, fitness, mindfulness/spirituality, and nutrition. Five top experts from The University of Toronto, the Art of Living Foundation, and Ladylean contributed the latest evidence-based research, new self-assessment tools, templates, tips, and exercises for stress reduction, disease prevention, meditation, and self-compassion for women of all ages and stages of life. We also created new questionnaires, action plans, Vision Board and Photography ideas, and Journal suggestions to motivate and inspire women to succeed.

 What people are saying about Love Your Body…Embrace Your Life!

IMG_20160809_104535477_HDR“Now is the time for women to empower themselves, with healthy Body, Mind and Spirit. The time-tested tools of nutrition, meditation, yoga and breathing provided in this book have helped millions of people worldwide. Empowered we can come together in celebration and in service to each other and make the world a better place for all.”

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder, Art of Living Foundation

“This holistic approach is the perfect tool to teach women that loving themselves inside and out is the key to a healthy life.”

Erin Willson, Canadian Olympic Team Member – synchronized swimming

“This powerful, informative book offers women of all ages a roadmap to plan a journey to a healthy, balanced life. It’s the perfect guide to releasing self-neglect and learning to love yourself in every way.”

Patricia Sands, Award-winning Canadian author



IMG_1794_edited-3Theresa Dugwell is the President of PsyMetrics Professional Services and has been a coach and mentor for women of all ages. She consults with clinics of all modalities to help rejuvenate the environments and the patient relationships.

Theresa is also strongly involved in the growth of female entrepreneurship.

Theresa is a past member of the Canadian Psychological Association, American Psychological Association and Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrics and Psychotherapists. Past Volunteer Chair for the Association of Biofeedback and Psychophysiology. She is a certified Life Skills Coach/Facilitator and Mind-Body Fitness Health Coach and has the Canadian Fitness Professionals Certification. She is also one of the first volunteers to be selected to train as a YMCA Canadian Trainer/Facilitator for the fitness instructors.

Theresa holds 3 Guinness World Records for Running the Greatest Distance in 12 Hours on a Treadmill in the Overall and Women’s Category. She has completed 21 marathons and is currently training with Olympic Gold Medallist Mark McKoy with a dream of trying out for the Masters Provincial Qualifying Races in the 100 Metre distance in 2016 – with a big audacious goal of competing in the Masters Worlds one day. She is also a certified Spinning and Fitness Instructor Specialist.

Theresa is a workshop facilitator and speaker, who has created and delivered workshops on Emotional intelligence in the Work Place. Creativity and Self-Esteem, Developing your Running Style and the Psychophysiology of the Stress Response.

She is a certified Life Skills Coach/Facilitator and Mind-Body Fitness Health Coach and has the Canadian Fitness Professionals Certification.



Kirsten Bedard, Bsc. Nutrition, ACE

One of Canada’s most knowledgeable nutrition and exercise coaches and the founder of Kirsten devises, and helps her clients to implement, science-based strategies to effectively fuel their bodies to maximize mental and physical performance—whether at work or at play. She has integrated her vast but precise knowledge of food chemistry, exercise science, and the workings of the body into a clear and simple approach to eating and exercise, which has helped her clients transform their lives and propel them forward. Her new book, Read this Before you Diet, is a direct, is no-nonsense, guide to the three principles of weight loss, which will be released in 2017.

Debra Joy Eklove, B. Comm., M.Sc., CAE

Debra is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Art of Living Foundation Canada, and Immediate Past President. Her passion is improving people’s lives and welfare and she has done this work managing not-for profit organizations, as an energy medicine practitioner, and as a singer. Her CD of original music is called a process to heart. Debra has B. Commerce from McGill University and a Masters in Economics from the London School of Economics. She is a Certified Association Manager, an Ayurveda nutrition consultant, and a teacher of TLEX and the Art of Living Happiness Programs.

Eva Pila, MSc, PhD Candidate, Exercise Science, University of Toronto

Eva is currently a PhD candidate in health and exercise psychology at the University of Toronto. Eva completed her undergraduate degree at McMaster University and her Master’s Degree at both McGill University and the University of Toronto. Her research focuses on body image concerns in at-risk populations, including adolescent girls and women with chronic illness. Her research aims to better understand how women experience self-consciousness around the body, and how these feelings can impact their exercise and nutrition choices and motivation. Since high school, Eva has been deeply involved with various community and health groups to promote healthy active living and positive body image. The overall goal of her research and community involvement is to promote compassionate body image, self-worth and well being in young girls and women.

Catherine M. Sabiston, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education, University of Toronto

Dr. Catherine Sabiston holds a Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity and Mental Health and is an associate professor of exercise and health psychology in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education at the University of Toronto. Catherine has been studying challenges associated with body image, women’s health, and physical activity for over 15 years. She has held over 15 million dollars in funding for her research, has published 140 research articles, and has given over 300 presentations. For this work, she has been awarded numerous career awards. In addition to her research, Catherine has given many community talks and workshops at schools, and has been a mental health consultant for women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Nayna Trehan, B.Comm.

Nayna is a Business Graduate from Royal Roads University. She is an Art of Living Teacher through which she helps people unlock their true potential using ancient practices of Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. She is also passionate about helping people live a healthier and more mindful life through the knowledge of Aired, a system of natural health and wellness.




We all experience stress in many areas of our lives: work, family, health, and money. Our Power Source for Women team members share their tools and insights for managing stress and accessing innate well-being through nutrition, self-compassion, and preventative self-care. Prepare to leave with renewed clarity and fresh resources to help you to live a better and more balanced life.

RESEARCH BASED STRATEGIES FOR RAISING YOUNG GIRLS WITH A HEALTHY BODY IMAGE, by Catherine M. Sabiston, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity and Mental Health, Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education, University of Toronto and Eva Pila, MSc, PhD Candidate, Department of Exercise Science, University of Toronto.

Raising girls with healthy body image can be very challenging when there are widespread unrealistic standards about what the body should look like, and so much contradictory evidence for which lifestyle habits constitute as “healthy”. The social environment makes it all too easy for young girls to develop preoccupations with their body, weight, food and exercise. As a mature female role model (and a mother, stepmother, grandmother, aunt, or health care professional), you play a very important role in promoting balanced thoughts about food, exercise, body image and overall self-worth. Based on their research-based evidence, Catherine Sabiston and Eva Pila provide strategies for helping to raise younger girls with a positive body image and self-esteem.

SELF-COMPASSION, SELF-ESTEEM, AND SELF-LOVE, by Catherine M. Sabiston, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity and Mental Health, Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education, University of Toronto and Eva Pila, MSc., PhD Candidate, Department of Exercise Science, University of Toronto.

Two leading experts provide scientific findings and evidence-based solutions, as well as an overview of their groundbreaking, award-winning research on body image, exercise and self-compassion. Their work focuses on what motivates women to exercise, how they feel about their bodies, and strategies on how to develop a more compassionate and body positive perspective towards fitness. Includes practical self-assessment tools and exercises from the 20-page section they contributed to Love Your Body…Embrace Your Life! (Balboa Press, July, 2016).

MIND AND BODY, by presenters from the Art of Living Foundation

In over 150 countries, The Art of Living Foundation provides tools for mind and body health, based on breathing techniques, meditation, developing awareness, and yoga. This workshop offers participants proven techniques and exercises to overcome stress, stay focused on the present, and increase levels of happiness and satisfaction.

RELAXING AND REJUVENATING “FIT BREAKS”, from The Art of Living Foundation (presenters Debra Joy Eklove, B.Comm, M.Sc., CAE and Nayna Trehan, B.Comm)
Invite teachers from the Art of Living Foundation to be part of your next conference or event. They are expertly trained to provide participants with experiences of calm and peace, using ancient techniques of meditation, yoga and breathing processes. Join Debra Joy Eklove, Nayna Trehan and other teachers who will provide an invigorating “FIT Break” for attendees. Custom designed for your group, they can focus on releasing tension and clearing mental blockage or other goals you choose. These “mini functional routines”, five to ten minutes long, do not require any special equipment and can be done by anyone. Participants can complete the breaks successfully, whether they are wearing suits or casual clothes. A great way to pause in your agenda and energize your attendees!

FOOD THAT FUELS, by Kirsten Bedard, Bsc. Nutrition, ACE
Kirsten Bedard offers an eye-opening introduction to blood sugar and weight loss and an insightful discussion about eating and energy. She examines the distilled science of the relationship between blood sugar and energy levels and provides six simple strategies for how to eat for balanced blood sugar in the midst of busy living.



PUBLISHER: BPS Books/Ingram Book Group, 2010.
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Today’s “Baby Boomer and beyond” women are more vital and confident than ever before and they want to make the most of this dynamic stage of their lives. Yet very few books, magazines, or fitness programs are designed to provide women with the answers, strategies, and tools for success.

This book offers inspiration, tools and techniques for women 45+ who want to start, or return to, fitness. It is based on the idea that fitness is a way to gain a sense of control over your attitudes, your body, and your life. The book offers powerful mid-life transitions for a new generation of women 45+. It shows women that they can decide that, no matter what happens, they will be the best they can be. The book offers simple, practical information for 45+ women, with real success stories, realistic strategies and tools, options in fitness activities, and an online community of women.